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Karastan Area Rugs

Karastan’s claim to fame is when it revealed the first even machine-made Oriental rug that look just a like a hand woven Oriental rug. This was the first time in history it had ever been done so well, and combined with durable materials, Karastan put the rug to the ultimate test at the World’s Fair and invited everyone to walk all over it, only to clean one side and show the world the durability of Karastan rugs.

Karastan has turned the process of choosing a rug into a fun decision. Selecting the right color, pattern, and textures are all a personal choice. Karastan helps you narrow it down with practical design and decorating advice.

Karastan carpet

Make Colors and Patterns Work For You

Color can make or break the design of a room. Since flooring is a big contributor to the color of your space, it is important to determine the role it plays in your decorating plan. If you want a rug to be the dominant element, choose a rug with distinctive color combinations. If it plays a secondary role, then keep it neutral. Choose something that still has a pattern but with subtle tones to complement your furniture. The pattern of carpet you choose largely depends on how you feel about it. Patterned rugs offer the feeling of intimacy to a larger space. They also provide character, allowing you to create a certain style. When you use complementary patterns together, they can help you define a space.

To learn more about how to size a rug to your space and all the different rug options available, visit our area rugs page for some great information.

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